Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bad things can happen on the road to anyone at anytime. Motor Club of America. Serving U.S. and Canadian Motorists Since 1926

Bad things can happen on the road to anyone at anytime .. Dead batteries, flat tires, keys locked in the car, accidents, etc, etc .......................I've been a member of the Motor Club of America for many years and they've never let me down anytime, anywhere!
The protection and benefits they provide are far better than my insurance companies so called "roadside protection" and MCA completely blows away Triple (AAA) A!
Providing safety, security and peace of mind for yourself, your family and your loved ones is absolutely critical in today's World and when it comes to driving / vehicle protection, MCA is second to none! The best part about MCA is their "Total Security" plan" (the plan I own) is less than $20.00 per month! Very little for what you receive in return!
Look at the benefits MCA provides below and compare them to the Auto Club or what your insurance company offers. You'll quickly see there is absolutely NO comparison!

The bottom line is that the protection / benefits provided me by being an MCA member are absolutely priceless, and ones that I recommend to everyone / anyone I know that operates a motor vehicle!
If you / your family members own a vehicle, there's no excuse or reason why you should not have the absolute best roadside plan and benefits available! When's the last time you had your vehicle towed? Remember how much that cost?
MCA is very affordable and worth every cent - One service call alone will literally pay for itself!
Look at Motor Club of America, compare it's benefits and costs you what (if any) protection you currently have and ask yourself"what is my and my families safety worth?" The answer is a "no brainer"
Before I forget, MCA also has a very lucrative "associate" program wherein the company will pay you very well (and every Friday) for referring new paid members .. MCA also provides you with all the training and marketing tools you'll need to start earning extra money every week! This is a total "win/win!!" You not only get the best motorist coverage available today.. you're also given the opportunity to supplement (or replace) your current income! When you become a member of MCA, email me and I'll be happy to give you all the information you'll need to also become a paid associate at NO extra / additional cost!

So before you you find yourself needing help on the road, and don't have it, Sign up with MCA today and go out knowing that no matter what happens out there, you have the protection and benefits of a long established, well respected company covering your back! 
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EJ "Big Ed" Benko
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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Some Do's and Don'ts of Traffic Generation

Happy Sunday everyone ...

First, understand that online marketing has and is changing! New technology, Social Media, ever changing Google algorithm's, and that generating quality traffic online is very challenging .. I know because I've been doing it for many years .. Yep, everything has changed since started doing this back in the 90's, and guess what? It will continue evolving so, NEVER STOP LEARNING!

The old "tried and true" methods of generating traffic such as TE's Safelists, PPC and PPV still work very well but, there are new ways in play also such as social media advertising, email marketing, video marketing, etc which,depending on how you use it can been extremely effective or completely devastating if done incorrectly -

Generating quality traffic is what I do, and I do it well .. To go through all the sources / methods I use would consume pages (perhaps I should write an E-Book on the subject?) so I won't go in to great detail in this post. I do however, want to touch on a few "Do's and Don'ts" that are basic and can literally make or break your reputation as a marketer.

Do write ads that are not "generic" and engage your prospects on a human level

DO NOT spam anyone or anywhere! Email marketing, social media, YouTube, Facebook, etc ... NEVER send unsolicited IM's to people on Facebook for the sole purpose of presenting an offer!

DO NOT spam other people's ad's, post, video's etc with your ad/ link. It's rude, unprofessional and no one will take you seriously and / or click on your ads!

DO build an email list ... it will prove to be you're most valuable marketing tool BUT, NEVER abuse it. If people are willing to join your list / follow you, treat them as you would want to be treated - With Respect! Get to know the people on your lists, and let them get to know you. Remember, people buy from people they like, not always because of price. Keep in mind it takes months /years to build a good list but only minutes to destroy it!

DO stay consistent. Be available, and accessible to those on your lists or anyone reaching out to you for help / advice.

DO NOT jump from program to program or chase / market shiny objects! People will think of you as a foolish, fly by night marketer with no true integrity. Once that reputation is earned, you'll never get rid of it!

I wanted to offer a few marketing / traffic tips but, I'm going to end this here for today.

If you have questions / need help, feel free to contact me either though the contact page on my site  or by emailing me directly 

As always ...

Stay Positive
Stay Focused
Stay Motivated
NEVER give up your dreams! 

Your man in the Mountains,

EJ "Big Ed" Benko
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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Medical "science," Is it really "science" or just about making money from sick, and dying people? The Wonders of CBD

Medical "science"..... Is it really "science" or just about making money from sick. and dying people? Discover the wonders of CBD! 

Not long ago, I  was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and told that I'd probably been a diabetic for 10 years and never knew it .. My first question was "how is that even possible? How can I (or anyone) have this disease for 10 years and not know it?" My Doctor(s) told me that diabetes is "silent" and only makes itself known when it becomes "bad" .. Well, mine got "bad" and made itself known by attacking my vagus nerve system, shutting down my digestive system causing a condition known as "gastroparesis"  - What this means in layman terms is that my stomach, and digestive system were essentially paralyzed .. I lost over 85lbs in less than 3 months going from 215 LBS (I'm 6' tall) to less than 130 LBS - I was in constant pain, lost all of my energy and literally in a fight for my life .

I to Doctor after Doctor, went through test after test after test .. I was poked, prodded, X-Rayed, scanned, had enough blood drawn from me to start a small blood bank, and prescribed more medications then I could count yet, they (Doctors) still couldn't figure out what was happening to me BUT, they seemed to know enough to tell me my conditions was "incurable"

One day, an attorney friend of mine who's wife is a cancer patient /survivor told me about a treatment his wife was using with great success... what he told me was astonishing but, at this point I was willing to try / do anything to get healthy again .. My friend told me that his wife had started going in for acupuncture, herbal treatments, and using CBD oil ....

At first I was skeptical but thought "what have I got to lose?" I started taking CBD, acupuncture and herbal treatments and within a very short period time started feeling better, gaining weight back, and regaining my energy! The best part is that the more natural / holistic treatments I used, the less pharmaceuticals I found myself taking!

So, What is CBD? CBD or Canabidiol, is a natural extract of the Cannabis plant (it is NOT marijuana) and is documented / proven to have incredible medicinal / healing properties. CBD has been used successfully for decades by cancer patients, diabetics, Parkinson patients, migraine sufferers, people with chronic pain, and for a multitude of other illness's with tremendous results! CBD is legal in all 50 States and does not / will not get you high.  

I find it interesting that even with such overwhelming evidence, the so called established medical community and "big pharma" claim CBD is "bad" for us yet, the human brain came with built in canaboid receptors .. Why is that?

Click Here to Learn More About CBD
The reality is that the medical profession and "big pharma" can't, don't and won't make money from CBD thus, it's declared "bad" Nonsense, I'm living proof! Personally, I prefer a natural treatment (that my body came equipped to receive) over the barbaric treatments currently being used by "medical science" such as radiation, chemo, etc,etc..

Today, I've gained back almost 50 LBS, getting stronger, feel more energetic AND, my stomach / digestive system is working normally again! Incurable? Not so much! CBD has literally saved my life!

Long story short, I (and my insurance company) spent 10's of thousands of dollars on tests, medicines, etc, etc with absolutely NO positive results! My condition NEVER improved, and I dare say got worse!

Today, (after being told by multiple Doctors that I was "incurable")  I am only taking my diabetes medications, CBD oil, herbal supplements, muti-vitamins, eating properly, and I'm getting better!

CBD is 100% natural, has no known harmful side effects (unlike 99% of pharmaceuticals currently being prescribed by Doctors all over the World) is non habit forming, safe to use, AND it absolutely works!

If you're like I was and have tried everything an / or your Doctors have you on so many medications you can't count them, look in to using CBD - I'm glad I did and I believe you will be too -

Your man in the Mountains,

EJ "Big Ed" Benko 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

I want to introduce you to Gorilla Marketing Pro ..

Big Ed here and today I want to introduce you to Gorilla Marketing Pro ..

Gorilla Marketing Pro is a system I personally use and can recommend very highly -

It gives you all the tools you'll need to market and is F R E E  to join / use!
  • Free Professional Page builder
  • Free Auto Responder
  • Free Emailing ssystem 
  • Free Email Tracking
  • Free Banners
  • Commission
  • And much, much more 
If you're serious about wanting to make money online, these tools are absolutely essential - Tools that other platforms are charging $50 to $100 per month to use!

Check it out - You and your business will be very happy you did!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me ..

Until next time ..
  • Stay Positive
  • Stay Focused
  • Stay Motivated
  • And..
  • NEVER Give Up On Your Dreams!
Your man in the Mountains,

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Why do so many people fail online and in life?

Happy Sunday everyone 

I’ve spoken on this before and I feel the need to expand on the subject more

People fail in life out of fear, self-doubt, and beliefs embedded in their hearts and minds long ago by other people who were / are 100% wrong! These people were usually Parents, Teachers, siblings or others of influence and authority in our lives –

Again, these people were / are 100% wrong about the negativity they instilled in us but, to their defense, I believe they just didn’t know any better and were operating under bad information embedded in them by others long before we showed up – Sadly, these people only knew how to continue the cycle, and not break it!

You and only you, can, and need to get rid of this bad information and you can because the answers / healing are things you already possess if you're bold enough to reach inside of yourself, pull out that bad stuff and examine it for what it is, pure poison! 

Potential is a "vicious" cycle fueled by our beliefs - If we believe our potential is low, then our actions and results will reflect that accordingly, and when we fail or achieve minimal results, that goes to reinforce our original belief - Do you see how destructive our own thoughts can be to ourselves? It's no one else's "fault" but our own as we are the ones choosing to believe / disbelieve in ourselves and WE are the only ones that can correct and redirect this thinking - 

The way to bolster our believes / potential and results in any aspect of life is to get out of the old "comfort zone" and do things that challenge us more every single day .. it's a daily ritual - each day we do a little more, learn a little more, accomplish a little more until it becomes who and what we are and who we've always known we could be - Hang out with positive people / winners and it will rub off ..  Keep making excuses for failure / why you won't or can't achieve more and being around others that do the same, and you've sealed your own fate - 

This is a self-fulling prophecy - You're not alone but will remain so if YOU don't take the little daily actions to push a little harder and further each day but, it all starts by forgiving the past, and returning that past to its rightful owner – Those who gave it to you! 

Anyone can do this my friends. Anyone can overcome the negativity of their pasts, and live the lives of freedom and joy they desire if they really want it!

The journey starts and ends inside yourself 

Fear is an illusion - Failure is a stepping stone to success - Learn from your trials, overcome them and use them as tools to build the whole new you! 

Just some thoughts
-          Big Ed 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Introducing Big Edz GUARANTEED Visitors and Clicks Advertising Package

Introducing Big Edz GUARANTEED Visitors / Clicks Advertising Package


  100% REAL OPPORTUNITY Seekers Guaranteed! 
  GEO Targeted Traffic Available (US, Canada, UK, Etc)
  No Bot Traffic!
  Hungry, Responsive Buyers!
✿  Explode Your Sales 
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  Boost Alexa and Google Rankings!

Thank you

EJ "Big Ed" Benko

PS ... This is not garbage bot traffic or fake traffic generated by a fulfillment center in India! This is REAL TRAFFIC / REAL VISITS from REAL, LIVE OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS worldwide!  

I am well known online for delivering only high quality traffic that converts and this new advertising offering is NO exception! Of course I cannot / will not promise / guarantee you sales, NO ONE can do that BUT I will guarantee you that the people I put your offer, product, service, opportunity, etc in front of ARE BUYERS and are hungry for new, profitable opportunities! I can't promise sales but will tell you that your odds of getting them are VERY HIGH! 

Thank you again and I look forward to doing business with you in the very near future! 

Here's that link again ...

Feel free to email me at with any questions or concerns. I'm always happy to answer any / all questions